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November 17, 2016
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November 20, 2016
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5 Skills you must master in Digital in 2017


  1. Basics of behavioral marketing and economics – Understanding how behavior drives business. Moving to a customer point of view rather than from the business down; the customer journey is what it’s about, not driving your message down people’s feed.
  2. Social media and inbound marketing – Driving cohorts instead of general traffic. Getting viral where possible by simply being real – the true skill to learn is being genuine in action, not just words.
  3. How to communicate in words (headlines and copy), graphics, audio, and video. Visual copy that leads to repeat behaviors and ultimately sales.
  4. How to deliver, report, and interpret data – Not to promote your misguided agenda. So much Big Data and so few people – not to mention data analysts – who need more than a report to understand and adapt, instead of reacting to old data. We have lots of data, but not lots of people who understand the long view this data demands.
  5. ¬†Creating branding to generate revenue – Not as separate silos with separate intention. It’s not a world of funnels only as marketers see it, but it’s also not just a world of visibility and reach as branding often sees it.

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