4 Social Media Tools You Should Be Using NOW:
November 20, 2016
Best Tools For Graphics:
November 20, 2016
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5 Tools Guaranteed to Boost Your Digital Marketing

  1. Engageform – interactive content creator (quizzes, polls and surveys)
  2. Mapme – smart maps builder to help you explain your point through mapping a visual to your audience
  3. Infogr.am – data visualization maker. An intuitive tool to post data in interactive charts, graphs and infographics.
  4. Vizia – interactive video producer. A tool to turn videos into interactive dialogues. Add text, images or question boxes. Insert quizzes and polls into your videos. Boost audience engagement and enrich your content.
  5.  Thinglink – rich media links builder. Use ThingLink to create interactive news, infographics or product catalogs.

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