5 Ways to Succeed in Your First Year of Business:
June 20, 2016
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7 Startup Tips To Avoid Failure

First and foremost, I will be the first one to tell you that failure cannot be avoided. And instead of calling it failure, I like to call it the universe’s way of shifting you in the direction you are suppose to be headed in, which is why things fail…because you were never suppose to be heading in that direction in the first place.
But nonetheless, these are some tips that have helped me along my 12 year journey:
  • 1) Listen more than you speak and use your sense when mingling with people. Not everyone is going to have your best interest at heart, but if you go with your gut, you can usually sus out these people.
  • 2) Try to build your business on your own and without the help of an investment for AS LONG AS YOU CAN. I remained bootstrapped all the way up until my company was acquired. There were times when I almost caved, but I knew that once I took someone else’s money, I was no longer reporting to myself. And besides, you work harder when you’re struggling:)
  • 3) Pay people on time. Don’t let your bills or invoices add up. It will bite you in the ass.
  • 4) Goals are meant to grow, not to get. Remember just because you started out with a certain vision, doesn’t mean you’re going to end up there. If you keep watering your vision and keep persisting (even when shit hits the fan), you’ll soon notice you’ll end up in a beautiful place….one that looks much different than what you envisioned.
  • 5) Don’t buy unnecessary shit.
  • 6) Don’t compare yourself to others. In my years of building Youzus, I can count on my one hand how many times I looked at other companies to see what they were doing. I never want to become a carbon copy of someone else, I want to do things differently and the only way I can do things differently is by being completely ignorant to how others are doing it out there.
  • 7) Hire quality employees and give them under dogs a chance. This is one rule until this day I live and abide by. Not only are they loyal, but they are eager to learn and will teach you things your friends wouldn’t have the guts to tell you.

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