November 6, 2017

Top Sites And Apps To Help You With Marketing in 2018

Here are my top pics on blogs and apps that have helped me run my brand successfully to this day. Top Blogs SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER This blog I like to call “the adventurer”, because, it shares original and complete articles, interviews with experts, opinions about the latest social media trends, and various news and information you need to make your marketing and social media strategies better.    To start consuming content straight away, you need to go straight to the tab “starting” where you’ll find a resource guide organized by categories: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Video, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Blogging, Visual Content, and Podcasting. QUICKSPROUT    Neil Patel is the founder of this blog, he’s an expert on increasing the incomes of companies like Amazon, NBA, and HP. He publishes his articles every two or three days, and in his posts, he writes about link building, blogging, and SEO. But the best thing this blog has to offer is its guides.    I recommend the blog post “The complete guide to building your personal brand”, trust me, its genius. TOP RANK MARKETING BLOG Behind this blog, there is a team of marketing experts that share their talent almost every day, with […]
October 30, 2017

Rebranding Your Business: 5 Things You Should Know

So you need to “REBRAND”? Don’t worry, this is normal. Especially in today’s day and age, a business can’t remain the same. Times are changing quickly, technology is making advances at an impressive speed and the needs of our customers evolve according to the evolution of time. This is why a rebranding process in your company might be necessary at some point. Although let’s be honest, a rebranding process is not something easy to do, and it takes time. However, despite all the difficulties that might appear, it is worth it because the results can be amazing. And what better example than the story of Steve Jobs. SO, LOSE THE FEAR! If you are ever faced with any of the situations that are described below, my suggestion would be to sit down and seriously consider doing a little rebranding. WHEN SOMEONE ASKS YOU WHAT YOU DO FOR LIVING, DO YOU CHANGE THE SUBJECT BECAUSE OF EMBARRASSMENT? The last thing you should feel about your business is shame, embarrassment or insecurity. It’s your creation, something that has kept you awake for many nights and you’ve worked your butt off to build. But now, your business has changed, or, you have changed […]
October 24, 2017

How To Build An Online Reputation That Improves Your Business: The Party Theory

How many times have you heard this? “This salon has almost 5 stars on google. And it also has great prices!” “This hotel has a 9/10, PERFECT!” “Be careful, this pizza place only has 3 reviews” Yes, but these are some of the reactions that your potential clients have when they find your business in the digital world. These reactions, provoked by the opinion of your clients, are the ones that define your reputation, meaning, the good or bad. And we all know that at some point you may have thought something like: “well they don’t even know how I prepare my product”, but whether you like it or not, your business depends on the opinion of your customers. To help you understand this a little bit more, think of your social media as a new suggestion box, where good or bad comments are going to be in full view of everyone. Now, what can you do to improve your online reputation? Well it’s really very simple: Every brand, product or service has a visible and an invisible part. The visible part is the one your customer can touch, feel or see, the invisible part is the one made by the values […]
October 1, 2017

Why do you need to pivot to save your company?

Why you need to pivot to save your company? Let’s be honest; the world around us is moving at a fast pace and if we want to survive, we need to evolve. We need to pivot according to the changing trends and adapt to the requirements of the modern time. At the turn of the century, there were some big companies that were basically ruling the world. However, today, you won’t find them around anymore. Why? They refused or failed to adapt to the changing trends or improve their policies. They did not think it was necessary to pivot in the right direction. Toys ‘R’ US Files for Bankruptcy Let’s take an example of Toys R US, a major company that recently filed for bankruptcy. A major reason was the absence of innovation in the company’s policies. Too much risk taking, without proper risk management meant that the debts kept piling up with no real innovation to improve profits. Ultimately, the failing business succumbed to the heavy debts and losses, and then were forced to call it quits. They now look to reinvent their business design and launch again. Why wait for the worst? Prepare while you still have time! […]
September 10, 2017

“A business has only two functions: Marketing and Innovation”. – Peter Drucker

Marketing attracts clients and innovation is how you will continuously deliver to your clients. Everything else you do in your business supports these two main components. Gone are the days when companies had less competition. In today’s world of social media and the rate at which technology changes everyday, companies need to be quicker on their feet to respond to problems, customer feedback and most importantly their competitors. However, if you say, “But Sonya, our product is different, there’s nothing else like it on the market”, I’d say, that is great, but better products don’t always win. It’s how you market these products and the perception of those watching your products that matters the most. Every aspect of your communication needs to reflect your difference – this is if you are telling me you are innovative enough. From your advertising, your marketing materials, your website, sales presentation, and online presence. Your innovation and marketing must fit like a hand in glove.