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September 18, 2016
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How To Rank In Google

1) Ensure you have a quality website to begin with. If you are not happy with your website, but
are still driving traffic to it, chances are other people are also turned off by your site.

2) Begin writing quality content that will drive traffic to your site. Correction; quality
content with catchy titles.
Tag keywords in your blog and meta tag them.

3) Incorporate appropriate images and name them.

4) Submit your content to Google. As the owner of your website, Google now allows you to submit
your content to increase your visibility in their rankings.

5) Sign into Google Webmaster Tools and monitor and maintain your sites presence in Google
search results.

6) Add your sitemap into the Google Webmaster tools.

7) Use Fetch for Google to see if and how Google crawls and views your site. You will be able to
tell almost immediately if your site is eligible to rank in Google or not.

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