Social Media Marketing Company Toronto

Sonya Gill Communications is a boutique firm specializing in building brands and assisting them to strengthen its online presence through social media activities. Sonya and her team also help brands with online public relations, graphic design, websites, apps, and SEO. Till date, she has worked with over 120 brands ranging from food, fashion, makeup, apps, and personal branding. She works closely with her clients to ensure their vision is executed flawlessly and in turn drives traffic back to their businesses and websites.

Social Media is one of the strongest platforms to grow business online. You need to stay ahead of trends to retain your position in the market. A social media manager who is skilled in SEO and aware about the know-how of other critical marketing components can greatly contribute to the steady growth of your business. Sonya Gill will help you get a “make over for your online presence” by attractive graphic designing and user-friendly website developing. Hence, you could experience more and more traffic of your clients and receive more profit and benefits with our Social Media Marketing Company in Toronto.

Here is what will be included in Sonya Gill’s Social Media Campaign:

  • Required changes in custom images and logos for your company on the Social Media platforms appropriate to your industry.
  • Create, maintain, and constantly monitor your online community with reports and briefs identifying trends, and sales opportunities utilizing specific tools.
  • We realize that Social Media Marketing is a grand platform which is a sum of all conversations and public perception, expressed increasingly through the internet, nowadays. We will perform reputation management and run brand campaigns.

So, contact us to request a consultation.