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November 6, 2016
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Top 5 Growth Hacking Strategies

Are you lacking creative marketing ideas and are trying to figure out how to activate your database of customers?

Here’s a list of some ideas to assist you with growing your business and customers:

  1. Launch on a Tuesday: Almost all websites see a dip in traffic on the weekend. Fridays get lost in weekend excitement. Mondays are a catch up for most and and Tuesdays allow you to capture what is left of the week.
  2. Wavelength by MailChimp: This handy tool lets you find similar email blasts to yours. This could be a fodder for potential customers, or you could try building partnerships this way.
  3. Pay for Triberr Influencers: If there is little room in the budget, paying for influencers to push your app through Triberr can help.
  4. Virtual Assistants: Use oDesk and hire a low-cost virtual assistant to go to the websites of your ideal customers and fill out web forms and collect/send emails. Elance and Freelancer work well too.
  5. SellHack for LinkedIn: Find hidden email addresses on LinkedIn with the SellHack browser extension prospecting tool.
  6. LinkedIn Group Owners: Send exclusive offers to LinkedIn Group owners
  7. Get PR: Use a service like PRserve or Publicize or PRLeads to try and get PR. DIY options like PressFriendly or JustReachOut can help too.
  8. Social Listening: Ise to monitor conversations about your industry/product and jump into the conversation.
  9. Create Templates: Use free templates like BidSketch in exchange for an email. The use autoresponders and email marketing to upsell them.
  10. Send as many personalized emails as you can. Don’t copy and paste. People can see right through this.

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