How To Market Your Brand To The Masses
October 10, 2016
Why Branding Is An Art
October 19, 2016
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Top 5 Innovative Marketing Ideas

1) Try creating a comic strip for your social media marketing campaign by using
Pixton or Strip Generator

2) If your business is in a busy area, hire a chalk artist to create a mural on
the cement ground so people walking by take notice

3) Stop email marketing and write hand written notes. I remember how much I use
to love receiving letters from my friends, and to this day I love a good card
in the mail. Kick it old school and take it back to the 90’s.

4) Reach out to shared work spaces and offer free seminars

5) Host a singles date night by your company and introduce your single friends
to one another. Or make it a monthly scotch or wine event that is invite

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