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October 16, 2016
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Why Branding Is An Art

I always say that the best type of marketing is social media marketing. Why? Because it costs next to nothing, it can be done at a touch of a finger, and with the right connections it can gain quick momentum and spread like wild fire.

But this type of branding can only be done by a select few. Truth be told, it is truly done by people who understand others and understand the meaning of humanness. These people know how to connect with their audiences without ever really knowing who they actually are. They are able to deliver their messages without any lame sales tactic or an insincere bragging strategy.

Branding is an art because:

1) It requires you to think of your words carefully and orchestrate them in such a way that your audience is going to pay attention while they are scrolling through their feed looking for something that is going to make them stop at your post.

2) The person executing their strategy understands to post one message and not a different one every week. They understand consistency.

3) Speaking english in laymen terms is something that is quite often missed amongst new age marketers. I’m sorry, but I don’t always understand new lingo and would like for you to explain it to me so I can also explain it to my 65 year old mother.

4) The message is not only relayed in wording, but it is relayed through imagery that gives information without saying too much. The imagery itself is eye-capturing.

5) The person executing the campaign understands video messaging and the different apps that can be downloaded to create thought provoking motion video.

6) Connections are used to benefit the greater good and not selfishly used for ones own purpose.

I could go on and on. But you get the point. At the end of the day, just be humble and remember that you are delivering your message to people, not robots.

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