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Sonya Gill is an experienced marketer who excels in building businesses and consulting with startups. She has played an instrumental role in empowering entrepreneurs & businesses to achieve their full potential. She is able to assist individuals in seeing the opportunity that lies ahead and helps them connect the dots to reach success.

Her previous experience spans from scaling some of the most reputable brands to coaching dozens of teams on how to improve internal leadership and develop impactful marketing and growth hacking strategies. Sonya enjoys using her growth hacking skills to build brands from scratch. She had started her first marketing consultancy company, Youzus, in 2012 and grew it until it was acquired in 2015.


At SG Communications, Sonya prides herself on providing significant results for a range of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.



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You have an idea, but need help getting started and assistance with executing your idea.
You have started your business, but need the right people to help you get ahead.
You are a few years into your company, but feel stuck or feel you need to pivot.
You need technology and marketing guidance and can't trust yourself to hire the right people.
You have become so sick of yourself and need to get out of your own way.
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