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Achieving success in real estate; a true story

Sonya Gill interviews her husband, Rick Dhillon for her new show called BUILT on Rukus Avenue Radio -

About Rick:

Rick started his real estate journey in 2002 when he was working as a property accountant with Oxford properties, a global real estate company. In 2005 he gave up this cushy corporate position and entered the world of real estate sales. Presently, Rick sits as one of the top realtors in the country, leading an industry that is very competitive. Ricks psychology is one of “help” rather than “sell”, “if you truly understand the clients needs and come from a place of guidance, you never have to “sell”, by simply walking them through the world of real estate towards financial freedom”. At a young age he bought his first property and since then has accumulated an impressive real estate portfolio, which he continuously adds to. Flipping property, developing, city permits, zoning changes, buy and holds, cash flow properties, new constructions, commercial, multi residential, single family, condos, Rick has done it all.

Mortgages and lending are the yin to ‘real estates’ yang, “the other half of the equation” Rick says. He is an expert on the mortgage side of the business and once held a mortgage broker license just so he could go through the courses and learn the game. He also sees the value in acting like a bank and funds out his personal money to qualified buyers as a lender.

Rick Dhillon went from a child of humble beginnings to a multi-millionaire and owes it all to the world of real estate. And now he wants to use what he has learned to help others do the same. His driving force today is giving back. “I love making people money!"

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